About me

based in the Netherlands since 2016

from Budapest, born in 1996 

Being a Libra, balance is important to me. I like to keep it busy, but try to manage between education, work and personal life. To me, balance means being well, which also drives me as a designer.

While I never considered going to medical school, through my family I grew respect for healthcare professionals and an ability to empathize. I brought my values and beliefs with me when making the brave decision: move abroad to study design.

Design trained me to become a translator between people, technology, and business. I can see the 'big picture' but still pay attention to detail.

Since every individual is unique, I am convinced that subjective data allows personalizing physical and digital propositions. I see the value of integrating information in the form of visualizing sensible insights, as part of intelligent systems. My vision is to contribute to the trend, by realizing concepts that support users to (self-)manage their own health through services.

photo by Vimukthi Gunatilleke

Currently I am finishing my Masters in Integrated Product Design at the TU Delft. To me product design is interpreted in a holistic sense where I am able to integrate user, technology and business requirements in both software and hardware products. What's next?

My process is iterative

Research everything

I make sure to educate myself about the topic, from literature to competitive products, and cover what is out there to know about the subject.

Design with various tools

I go visual in different phases of the project, be it for ideation or already planning looks or dimensions of a digital/physical prototype.

Prototype to iterate

I build prototypes to identify improvement points during discussions with fellow (non-)designers, people I work with or for. Check, next iteration.

Present a coherent story

I produce visual materials that support appealing communication, from graphics to poster materials and anything in-between.

Involve stakeholders

I find ways to contact potential users before, during and after the project. If a client is involved, I manage expectations and give updates.

What drives me

To create. To grow. But ultimately, seeing the visual and tangible results of an implemented idea fulfilling its purpose.