Making air quality visible


Infineon & Aisin


Interaction designer (product team)




3 months


Air quality affects our everyday lives, however it is hard make sense of it. The challenge was given to use smart sensor data that can detect air quality and present it in a valuable way to the user in order to creat new business opportunities for the client.


Awairy is an application taht makes air visible around you. Upon granting access, the location of the phone is detected and the most uptodate a hyper-local Air Quality Index data is retrieved. Added a fun experience element, users are able to scan around the environment and become awaire of the air they breathe, wherever they go.

How might we help people with respiratory problems to have access to hyper-localized Air Quality information to lead a healthy life?

— focus question


During this project I collaborated in a cross-functional team of product managers, software and AI engineers as well as an agile coach. The process required close collaboration with developers where handover was key.

Weekly iterations

During weekly sprints we planned the week ahead, designed, developed and tested Minimum Viable Experiments in deployed prototypes. At the end of each week we had a plenary review with all stakeholders to show progress and align expections and continue to the next week.

In terms of design challenge, I had to make the Air Quality Index (AQI) look visually appealing on the interface. AQI has a scale and corresponding colors which all have a meaning. Therefore I played around with various data visualisation ideas using the scale colors.

Final design

In the final interface, the AQI data is presented as an interactive overlay. In the overlay the air quality particles are visualised and are moving dynamically according to their density elvel.

An extra fun element is added to the user experience which allows the user to scan his or her environment and get presented with hyper-local AQI data.

To support people with respiratory problems, in the application you can also check the level of air pollutants, air quality at your past locations as well as forecasted pollen levels in case of allergies.

The shown designs were fully developed into a deployed web-app by our cross-functional team of Product Managers, Software Engineers, and AI Engineers and me being the only Interaction Designer. The training program was offered at the Digital Product School by UnternehmehrTUM in Munich.